Trail Boss Groomer 250

Rotating & Sliding Comb
Hydraulic control by the seated operator

The Trail Boss Groomer Model 250 has the same high quality design and materials as the model 150. Unlike other large size sliding comb trail groomers on the market our Model 250 has no relays to malfunction making the 250 multi-cylinder system more reliable. Electric/hydraulic controls allow the operator to easily raise or lower the groomer; change the side cast direction from right to left; or slide the comb right or left to pull or push berms while the rake and groomer remain in the center of the trail. All of this can be accomplished while the groomer is in motion and the operator remains in a seated position. Top wind swivel jack stand installed.

Optional: comb widths, u-joint coupler, control cable extension, green or black paint color. Replacement tines are available. Length- 7'-11",Height- 38",wheel width- 47",comb width- 50"(43" fully angled), Weight- 680 lbs

Trail Boss 250 Specifications

Trail Boss 250 Prices and Options