The Trail Boss Groomer is an excellent trail maintainer for ATV trails, motorcycle trails, and recreational trails

Trail Boss Groomer 250 Specifications:

  • Hydraulic rotating 50” comb to control cutting action and placement of material from the operator's seat while moving
  • Hydraulic adjustable comb height to control cutting action of material from the operator’s seat
    Comb can be easily raised off the ground for convenient towing to site or for crossing roads or cattle-guards
  • Hydraulically operated sliding comb that moves the comb right or left to pull or push berms while the ATV and the groomer remain in the center of the trail also allowing the operator to remain in the seat and on the move
  • Electric/hydraulic controls W/ no relays to malfunction making the 250 multi-cylinder system more reliable & less maintenance cost to make efficient use of your trail dollars
  • Maintenance free Deep Cycle sealed gel group 24 battery
  • Deltran™ Battery Tender Plus prewired to battery
  • Steel fabrication process by a certified welder
  • Field-tested, heavy duty construction with 0.250” square tubing and 1/4" to 1/2" steel flat bar
  • Heavily reinforced circle increases the cutting action and durability of the comb
  • Replaceable 1-inch spring steel tines
  • Automotive style axle hub with Timken roller bearings
  • 7-inch wheels with 20 x 8-8 tubeless 4-ply tires
  • 2-inch Heavy Duty Zinc-coated coupler
  • Adjustable coupler height to match ball height to compensate for tine wear
  • Safety breakaway control wiring
  • Jack stand, top wind, swivel, or removable with steel foot
  • Fluorescent orange ATV flag for visibility and safety
  • Powder coating in bright orange is standard for increased durability and visibility
  • Includes owner’s manual and recommended grooming techniques
  • Length:  7’-11";  Comb Width:  50” (43" fully angled);  Wheel Width:  47”;  Height:  38”;  Weight: ( approx.)  680 lbs.



Trail Boss Groomer will warranty this product to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for a period of 90 days from the date the product is received by the customer. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear from use or obvious abuse or misuse of the product.

Trail Boss Groomer will not be responsible for any claims or liabilities beyond the scope of our guarantee and purchase price of the product. No other warranties, expressed or implied are made.  User assumes all responsibility for proper and appropriate use of the product.

*Prices and/or specifications subject to change without notice




Electric / Hydraulic controlled multi-directional sliding comb